In a world where the Sun walked the Earth…

Where Gods where hidden within Stones…

And ancient cultures dominated the Oceans…

And men communicated with the Universe…

A magical legend emerged to forge the Inca Empire, one of the greatest civilizations of all time.

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Peru is a mix of cultures and bridges civilizations old and new, the desert and the ocean, the cities and the rainforest. Luxury tourism, eco-tourism and archaeological experiences abound.

Lima, Peru is the 4th most visited city in Latin America, a bustling urban metropolis with culture, cuisine, friendly people and modern skyscrapers.

The adventure to Machu Picchu begins from Cusco, a beautiful city with a mixture of Inca Temples and Colonial Churches, literally built on top of each other. Some of the most impressive stonework can be seen here- keep in mind only stone tools, no use of the wheel and no mortar was used to build these precise, astrologically aligned cities where some of the larger monoliths weighed upwards of 30 tons.

From Cusco, a train takes you deep into the Andes before your final ascent to the mysterious and magical mountaintop where Machu Picchu emerges from the jungle and the river valleys thousands of feet below. Surefooted Incas built this city, and many others that were connected by the Inca Trail, an experience not for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights.

Peru is enchanting, and we had so many unforgettable experiences. In Lima we were pleasantly surprised and delighted to enjoy the freshest and best ceviche we have ever had. The open air markets offered traditional handicrafts and clothing. We were surprised to discover in the middle of an upscale neighborhoods ancient adobe pyramids and to be able dine in the elegant restaurant in the active archaeological dig site. In Cusco, to deal with the more than 11,000 foot elevation, the coca tea certainly hit the spot before visiting the colonial city.