MAD about you!


The capital of Spain is known for its culture and architecture, with castles and royal families dating back to the 17th Century. The intersection of Europe and Africa led to art, religion and literature and today, that mix has made Madrid a perfect tourist destination for culture, dining and shopping!

For art lovers, the city’s “Golden Triangle” on the Paseo del Prado includes the Museo del Prado, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. We visited Museo del Prado early in the day and avoided the crowds. Walking the streets, you come upon endless plazas, monuments and puertas, original gates to the city.

From the Prado, we walked the beautiful streets to visit Puerta Del Sol, the plaza which is the starting point of all the major roads throughout Spain. From there, up to La Gran Via, the most famous and beautiful boulevard in Madrid with theatres, restaurants and shops. But no visit to Madrid would be complete without a visit to El Corte Inglés. This multi-floored department store is one of the largest in Europe including not only the best in fashion and unique designers, but entertainment, homewares and gourmet foods.

Speaking of gourmet foods- Madrid has everything from the most elegant, gastronomic five-star adventures, to best in street food and tapas. A visit to Mercado San Miguel checks all these boxes- this market has everything from seafood, olive shops, mozzarella bar, to individually wrapped charcuterie to go, more specifically Jamón Serrano and Ibérico- one of the most iconic Spanish foods.

Just when we thought we could not eat anymore, we stopped in for dessert at Chocolatería San Ginés, the oldest chocolateria in Madrid open since 1890. Only two things on the menu – churros and hot chocolate- so thick it is not clear if it is a drink or a dip! It doesn’t matter, it is delicious.

A blend of everything you could wish to experience both old and new, you will be MAD about Madrid, making it a perfect ESCAPADITA.